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Connect With Your Customers With Easy CISePOS SMS Integration

Effective SMS Integration In CISePOS

SMS integration in point of sales software helps you connect with your customers. This easy to manage and highly effective method helps in engaging with the customers and keeping them in touch. 

If you are a retailer or a restaurant business owner, get yourself CISePOS, an SMS integrated POS software that will enhance your customer experience using SMS integration in POS. 

Create Marketing Campaigns Using CISePOS SMS Integration

Create and run various marketing campaigns using CISePOS SMS integration. For retail stores, SMS integrations help in connecting with the customer by engaging them through attractive deals and promotions.

Send eReceipts And Complementary Messages Using SMS Integration In CISePOS

CISePOS helps you send eReceipts and complimentary messages to your customers. SMS integration in CISePOS uses the contact details from the customer relationship management module to send messages. eReceipts and complimentary messages are sent to the customers to keep them informed and connected to the business.

Enhance Customer Experience Using SMS Integration In CISePOS

SMS integration in CISePOS helps businesses enhance their customer experience with exceptional customer engagement and promotion campaigns. With customers informed about business activities it will surely help in business growth. 

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30 Years of Experience

CISePOS is a popular product of CIS Pvt Ltd. CIS with over 30 years of experience in the software development and business management solution industry of Pakistan has served hundreds of satisfied customers. 

CISePOS is serving hundreds of retail and restaurant businesses across Pakistan. With the quality of our service and the strength of our product, CISePOS is one of the best cloud-based POS software in Pakistan. 

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CISePOS SMS Integration Making Customer Engagement Easy As Never Before

SMS integration in CISePOS helps you get in touch with your customers with interactive SMS marketing campaigns. 

Features Of CISePOS SMS Integration

Our SMS integration has various features that will help you engage your customers. 

User Friendly

Our POS SMS integration is easy to use and helps you navigate through the integration.

Allow Customized Messaging

CISePOS SMS integration allows users to send customized messages to their customers.

Cost Effective

Point of sales SMS integrations is an affordable integration that offers value to the users in terms of money.

Bulk Messaging

CISePOS SMS integration allows users to send bulk messages at once with a click.

Interactive To Other Modules

CISePOS SMS integration is very interactive with other modules. It fetches details from sales and CRM modules to launch its campaigns.