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Report Your Sales in Real-time with SRB POS Integration


Benefits of Integrating your POS System with the SBR

SRB stands for Sindh Revenue Board which is a provincial institution that collects sales tax from retailers that fall under their taxpayer category. It operates under the jurisdiction of Sindh’s provincial government and the Sindh Sales Tax act. 

SRB integration is an obligation that retailers have to fulfill to file their tax liabilities to the province of Sindh. To help retailers comply with the regulation CISePOS developed its SRB integration. 

Ease of Reporting Sales & Taxes:

SRB integration in POS helps in reporting sales and filing sales tax. The user of CISePOS SRB integration does not have to worry about the deadline of tax filling or fulfilling the sales reporting compliance by SRB. CISePOS SRB integration reports all the sales and tax records to the SRB through SRB integration.

POS Receipts Verification

The receipts generated by SRB integration in CISePOS print a verification code. That code is used to verify whether the sales tax by the customer is paid to SRB or not. This verification feature creates a sense of authenticity and trust for both customers and retailers. 

Credibility & FBR Approved Business:

CISePOS is an approved POS software by the Federal Board Of Revenue. With its ISO-certified features, CISePOS is among the most used POS software in Pakistan. SRB integration in CISePOS is developed by the same team to comply with SRB obligations and sales tax laws of Sindh.

CISePOS SRB Integration

Comply with SRB rules and regulations and integrate your retail store or your restaurant with SRB integrated POS software. CISePOS SRB integration helps you report your sales and file your tax to the Sindh Revenue Board with ease.