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POS Software For Grocery Store & Convenient Stores

A Complete Point of sales software for your grocery store. 

CISePOS Grocery Store Software

POS software for your grocery store by CIS. That helps you transform your grocery store sale operation. 

Features Of CISePOS Grocery Store POS Software

14-Days Free Trial:

Our grocery store POS software is available for a free trial that offers you a complete test of the software in real-time business scenarios. 

Dedicated Customer Support

CISePOS grocery store software gets 24/7 dedicated support for its users. Customer support helps you resolve your technical issues along with a user guide.

Advance Upgrades

CISePOS retail store point of sales software comes with continuous upgrades the software that helps you keep your retail POS up to date. Manage business challenges using CISePOS.

Sneak Peak At Our Software

In-depth Sales Analysis For Your Grocery Store

  • Interactive dashboard with graphical analysis of sales trends
  • Item-wise sales categorization for better sales analysis
  • Helps in the forecasting sales data with better sales management

Enhance Customer’s Experience Using CRM Module In CISePOS Grocery Store POS

  • Process and manage customers’ data like their name, address, contact details, age, and gender.
  • Helps in making better decisions about expansions and customer dynamics.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Detailed Inventory Management

  • Manage your huge inventory setup with ease using the CISePOS grocery store inventory management module
  • Keep a record of your product's expiry dates to avoid expired items on your shelves.
  • Set a low inventory threshold for alters to avoid product shortages.

Fast Checkout Interface

  • Increase customer checkout speed using the fast checkout interface of our grocery store point of sales software.
  • Reduce waiting time in queues for your customers and make them happy with fast-moving checkout lines.
  • Complete more sales with more customers in your grocery store.

Analytical Reporting With CISePOS Grocery Store POS Software

  • Get detailed reports of your inventories, sales, branch-wise sales report, item-wise reports, and other accounting records using the reporting module in CISePOS grocery store POS.
  • Make better decisions using a detailed reporting module in our grocery store point of sales software.
  • Various report types with different parameters help you understand your grocery store data.

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