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Tableside Order Management

Manage Your Tableside Order With CISePOS Restaurant POS

CISePOS Restaurant POS offers amazing tableside order management for restaurants and cafes. Our Restaurant management software will help you manage your dine-in with a complete track and management of your orders.


Explore More About Our Restaurant POS Tableside Order Management

Create Multiple Tables

Create multiple tables and name them in your restaurant POS. It helps in tracking the orders and also helps waiters provide better service to customers. All the tables entered in the CISePOS restaurant POS are visible in the sell section with KOT.

Manage Waiter & Servers

Like tables, CISePOS restaurant POS helps in creating and managing waiters & servers. Enter waiter’s details in the software and allocate dedicated waiters for every table. It will help you keep an eye on the quality of service.

Track Customer’s Order

CISePOS restaurant POS helps you track the orders of your customers through KOT and KDS. It helps you get all the details regarding the order on your POS screen.

Manage Multiple Sale Module

Manage your restaurant dine-in, takeaway, delivery, and drive-through with your CISePOS restaurant POS. CISePOS restaurant POS has different sales modules to enhance your sales and offer a better experience to customers.

Provide Better Service To Your Customers With CISePOS Restaurant POS