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POS Updates Summary Oct 2021 – What’s new in CISePOS?

CISePOS updates its software weekly with useful and innovative additions with POS updates. This helps us at CIS Software House to ensure our clients are always satisfied with our service. These changes are only made possible with helpful POS feedback from our clients that our company strives on. In order to make the POS software … Read more

What Makes CISePOS The Best POS Software System Available

Managing a business in this age without a good POS software system is almost impossible. Even if you choose to do so, it can cause many problems to your business and is certain to leave you uncompetitive in the market, which is a huge risk to take. Thankfully, there are many good POS software systems … Read more

Learn How to Easily Use a Restaurant POS System for the First Time

Managing a restaurant is surely a big hassle for operators. The restaurant business involves dealing with many clients every day, each of whom has unique and different demands. A restaurant also includes managing big staff lines which could be very troubling. On top of that, a restaurant also has to keep its inventory in order … Read more

How to Quickly Add Inventory Items in a POS Software System Using Excel

Managing a retail or restaurant business without a good POS system is almost impossible in this age. Any businessman in these industries needs to be technologically well equipped to succeed in such a highly competitive market. Most successful businesses choose from the best POS systems, like CISePOS, so that they remain in control of their … Read more

POS System Pakistan – A Need for Restaurant and Retail Businesses in Pakistan

Pakistan has an ever-growing sector of servicing which is fueled by new businesses entering the market almost every day. With a massive customer base residing in the country, service markets are more competitive now than ever. For a business to grow out in this environment, efficient decision-making and technological aid are needed for fast and … Read more

How to Use Retail POS System for the First Time

Retailing without a modern POS system in this age is almost an impossible task. The retailing industry has been ever competitive and to have a competitive advantage in these times, technological improvements are important to maintain a good business. For organized management and better sales, good POS software can help a retail business greatly; however, … Read more

6 Reasons Retailers Are Choosing Cloud-Based POS in 2019

The fight of traditional retail management and Retail Point of Sale has existed for more than a decade and now in 2019, even the small retailers are being approached for cloud-based accountancy services. So we can say that the fight of 2019 is cloud-based pos vs. traditional pos. What are the reasons making cloud-based POS … Read more