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How to Quickly Add Inventory Items in a POS Software System Using Excel

Managing a retail or restaurant business without a good POS system is almost impossible in this age. Any businessman in these industries needs to be technologically well equipped to succeed in such a highly competitive market. Most successful businesses choose from the best POS systems, like CISePOS, so that they remain in control of their … Read more

POS System Pakistan – A Need for Restaurant and Retail Businesses in Pakistan

Pakistan has an ever-growing sector of servicing which is fueled by new businesses entering the market almost every day. With a massive customer base residing in the country, service markets are more competitive now than ever. For a business to grow out in this environment, efficient decision-making and technological aid are needed for fast and … Read more

How to Use Retail POS System for the First Time

Retailing without a modern POS system in this age is almost an impossible task. The retailing industry has been ever competitive and to have a competitive advantage in these times, technological improvements are important to maintain a good business. For organized management and better sales, good POS software can help a retail business greatly; however, … Read more

6 Reasons Retailers Are Choosing Cloud-Based POS in 2019

The fight of traditional retail management and Retail Point of Sale has existed for more than a decade and now in 2019, even the small retailers are being approached for cloud-based accountancy services. So we can say that the fight of 2019 is cloud-based pos vs. traditional pos. What are the reasons making cloud-based POS … Read more