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Benefits of Migrating to a Cloud-Based Point of Sales System

Point of sales (POS) systems have really been the best possible solution for financial executions for the business managers in the retail markets around the world. It doesn’t matter where ever it is being used, either it is a restaurant or retail business, it brought many benefits to the handlers with respect to the connectivity, accuracy, presentation, etc.

Along with its effective tool and facilities and more exploring options, the point of sales (POS) systems have proved their worth in the market. With the evolving technology, the point of sales systems have also gone to another level, the cloud-based point of sales (POS) systems are now an active part of this technological advancement which not only has contributed in the success of point of sales technology but it has also made the business processes more streamlined and accurate, with the space of time this technology will travel and prosper with absolute results and good customer satisfaction reviews which are the most integral part of any business, the cloud-based point of sales systems have evolved with the demands and needs of the people who want to have their payments and their purchases personalize to themselves.

In our previous blog, “The Integration of Cloud-Based POS With Delivery Apps,”  we put focus on how your cloud-based pos system can easily integrate with delivery apps, which can be very helpful in reducing the administrative work. We also discuss very important factors of this integration and how it can beneficial for the businesses.

Advantages of Migration:

If you are new to the retail market, it will be difficult for you to really choose to which point of sales (POS) systems applications you should choose for your business, and if you successfully purchased point of sales systems it would really need you to understand how it is being operated? And how you will be using it in your business? You got to have some good knowledge about the point of sales technology in order to deploy it in your business.

Moving forward towards organizing and development, you would be at a place where you will be migrating your business from a legacy-based point of sales (POS) systems which in fact, is a hardware-software-based utility to fully flash cloud-based point of sales (POS) systems. You must know what is the difference between a cloud-based point of sales(POS) system and a legacy point of sales (POS), in this article, we will describe some of the points that will highlight the advantages of migrating to a cloud-based point of sales (POS) system from conventional point of sales systems.


Consider this example, just to understand what difference does this migration from the conventional point of sales (POS) systems to the cloud-based point of sales POS systems brings to your business. If you are setting up a new business, and you want a point of sales (POS) system to be the center of your financial activities, it will cost you more than 30- $50,000 with all of the licenses, upfront fees, monthly maintenance fees, etc.

While on the other hand if you want to implement a cloud-based point of sales system to your business will only cost from 600 to 10000 dollars and it is not a custom-wide preference to go for a complete year subscription, you can go for a month or a 6-month subscription. Moreover, there are no upfront, maintenance fees or any up-gradation fees because everything will be on the web, and you can just update it during the downtime. Another great advantage of having a cloud-based POS system as a financial utility agent in your business is the flexibility of operations it can be managed or can be installed at any preferred device. It just needs your credentials to sign in from there and you can see the activities of your business in front of your eyes without paying an extra penny.


Usually, when you visit a retail store or a retail market, you will see a big box-like structure, heavily built and placed at the corner of each grocery segment doing the encashment and the purchased stuff, that is the legacy point of sales (POS) systems, that are present at the starting and at the end of a retail store. Basically, it includes a heavy desktop system with in use stationery and terminals which somewhat feels a bit more surrounded and old-tech.

On the other hand, if you go for a cloud-based point of sale systems it can be hosted online and can be configured on any mobile stationary tablets that can be used as an autonomous point of sale systems being installed anywhere and to anybody’s device it is something that is very futuristic and relaxing as well because there is no need for you to stand in long queues just to have yourself served at a retail place, you just have to sign in from the app. You can pay your bills through an online financial utility that is the advantage of cloud base point of sale systems and the migration to it will also bring you some comfort and relaxation as a handler.

Data Storage & Maintenance:

Migration to cloud-based point of sales POS systems can help you in number of ways, one of these are data management and maintenance. in conventional point of sales POS systems, the only place on which you have your data for the customer sales and inventory is in the same desktop PC that you are using as a point of sales (POS) systems present at the very spot of your retail store you cannot access the data outside your premises.

Moreover, the maintenance of that system is also a big challenge, by saying this it means the maintenance can only be done at that time when you are operating, during the time of work and if the maintenance process goes long, the customer will suffer.

That will lead to loss of sales in a long run while being on a cloud-based point of sales (POS) system you can work efficiently because the data is present at the cloud and you can access the financial information plus the inventory management systems from anywhere, anytime moreover most of the support calls and the maintenance staff is done offsite, which means that you can do this maintenance on the back or done at a remote place and the customers will not have to suffer while shopping of purchasing anything using the cloud-based POS system application installed in their portable devices.

Improved Operations:

The migration from a legacy point of sales (POS) systems to cloud-based point of sales (POS) systems seamlessly made operations smooth for the businesses who have done this exercise. According to a research published at Cornell University, it has been observed that 65% of the retail businesses that were shifted from legacy point of sales (POS) systems to the cloud-based pos systems have seen a drastic rise of 50% to their sales and revenues then those businesses was still sticking with the conventional point of sales (POS) systems.

The reason behind the rise was the ease of access and operations for the migrated ones. A visit was made to all those brands website who have just migrated from the legacy to the cloud-based point of sales (POS) systems, by reading the customers reviews there, you can easily determine the value of such migrations in the retail business. it is necessary now to be able to walk with the time shift and the technology advancements so that one should not lack behind as a businessman. It is necessary to move forward rather than sticking to that old Tech. It will not bother you in terms of losses because your business will keep on going at the same pace as you were 2 to 3 years back, but you will not see any sort of growth or improvement by using the same sort of technology in a fast-moving world.


The reason why retail businesses in a local market are so eager for the migration towards the Cloud-based POS system because of the limitations it has, you cannot access the details of your business outside business hours when you are in urgent needs, the conventional Point of Sales Systems have a low flexibility as far as the operations are concerned, the point of sales system integration is also very limited, it doesn’t get synced to any device, it requires some privileged configurations to work on a system. Cloud-based Point of sales Systems does have some limitations of itself. If it is not connected to the internet, you can’t access any details of your retail business.

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