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5 Tips to Manage Sales & Inventory For Mobile Shop Owners

How are the POS applications helpful for the Mobile Shop owners and retailers? How is its implementation good for such kinds of businesses? How will this help in ease of customer retention? These are some questions that one should consider while implementing POS applications in a cellular phone business.

The biggest advantage of using retail POS applications in a cellular phone shop is the rapid use of limited spaces in the vicinity. It helps in quick and effective payment solutions along with better backup information on the inventory and positive sales management.

Inventory Management:

Transfer from Warehouse to Shop:

Stocks and inventory are an essential element of any business. It is necessary to have a close eye on the stocks, keeping the stock secure has now become a mandatory condition to operate efficiently in the market.

The POS system for a mobile phone shop has been an essential source; the services offered by CISePOS are second to none, enabling the retailers if there is any movement from the warehouse. It generates updates the moment the changes take place, all thanks to the cloud mobility applications.

It has benefited the mobile shop owners in the best way possible to know each and everything regarding the movement and replacements.

Inventory Tracking:

The inventory management system has helped the retailers in keeping track of the inventory throughout the transfer process. Let’s consider a scenario, and if a retailer has multiple mobile shops in a city and the warehouse is located in the suburbs, so it is necessary to track the inventory, it makes sure that the stock is moving through the right track.

Especially in the festive seasons, when it is not easy to take out time to roam around and inspect the stock, the POS for mobile phone shops can help you in better management of stock in hand.

Stock Movement:

Product Movement:

Product movement from one place to another should be notified, and it is an essential process that requires safety and security. CISePOS offers on-site tracking of products with its feature of on-point reporting and analytics.

This feature helps the business owners to keep an eye on the products being dispatched. Cellular phones are a must use portable device these days, and in this scenario, people would readily consider deliveries and doorstep services. CISePOS applications make sure the products should reach the desired location along with the promise that the customers may receive the exact product they ordered.

Goods Receiving Notes (GRN):

Goods receiving notes formally known as GRN is a document that allows retailers to accept partial or full inventory status against the items purchased whose details are present in a purchase order (PO).

Mobile shops are the places that deal with different kinds of customers from different cities, so it is necessary to have a check and balance of the inventory upon the purchases from the suppliers. Retail CISePOS applications help in keeping up with the purchase data and cash collection with respect to the sales.

GRN reports are essential for inventory health and the retailer’s information. They provide concise reporting about the stock and the brands readily purchased.

Goods Return Notes:

Goods return note is a document that is accompanied by the wrong product returned to the supplier. This document serves as proof about the type of product received is different from what was ordered.

There are numerous reasons for returning the purchased items back to the supplier, the reason may be due to the unavailability of discounts over expensive items or the product received may get malfunctioned or damaged when received.

The retail POS system in the cellular shop should accept those notes along with the products and inform the retailer that the following product has arrived back in the inventory so a proper replacement should get posted back to the customer.

The replacement is an opportunity to boost sales, retailers can offer customers a percentage of discount in the future sale so he will come back to you with the head high and expectations that he will get the best possible result of his visit.

CISePOS offers the best possible returns to its customers with the promise of best services in the town, the retail application by CISePOS always takes care of the checks and balances of the products sold and comes back with a notice that this ambiguity should not happen again.


The retail businesses have been the real strength of the economy. The mobile/cellular shops where the part of such retail sector, to incorporate good sales and positivity in the business applications like the retail POS systems offered by CISePOS, have been a real source of relief for small to medium size cellular phone retailers.

It has helped them in maintaining a balance in the inventory, and its role in maintaining the sales and purchase records for the retailers is exceptional. That’s why it is the priority of local and international retailers.