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Types Of Sales Report In CISePOS 

CISePOS is a popular POS software in Pakistan. The features and functions of CISePOS are second to none. Along with the features and modules that helped retailers to run their sales operations, some other reporting features help them understand their business.

CISePOS generates different reports that include sales reports, accounting reports, and inventory reports. In this article, we will discuss sales reports. 

CISePOS generates seventeen different sales reports. Each sales report carries information about different sections of the business. The 15 reports are as follows:

  1. Item Wise Sales Report
  2. Item Wise Sale Return Report
  3. All Branches Sales
  4. Sale Report
  5. Hourly Sales Report
  6. CRM Report
  7. Bill & Item Wise Report
  8. Salesman Summary Report
  9. Shift Wise Sale Report
  10. Counter Wise Sale Report
  11. Brand Wise Sales Report
  12. Hand Over Report
  13. Z Report
  14. Credit Card Report
  15. Price Change History Report

Item Wise Sales Report:

Item wise sales report carries the data of every single item. This report is not created based on the customer, it is created based on items. Every item that is in the store is recorded in this report. Every unit sold is mentioned in the report. The segregation can also be seen in the report type and category.

Item Wise Sale Return Report:

Unlike item-wise sales reports, this report carries information about item-wise sales returns. If the business owner or managers wants to check the sales return based on items then this report helps them. 

While generating this report different parameters can be set like shifts and counters to further segregate the results.

All Branches Sales Report:

All branch sales reports show the sale of branches. This reporting category is for businesses with multiple branches spread across the city or country. Moreover, the centralized server of CISePOS collects data from all branches and generates output to a single report. 

This feature helps managers and owners in getting all the information at once.

Sale Report:

A sales report is a generalized report that carries day-to-day sales. The report carries total items sold, net amount, and the gross amount of sold items. This report provides a summary to the users. It helps in tracking the sales trend and developing the strategy that helps the business to grow.

Hourly Sales Report:

Hourly sales report carries hourly sales summary. This report carries information on sales performed every hour. Business managers need the information of every minute to make better decisions for their business. 

These hourly sales reports help businesses to understand peak hours and other information that help in creating a better experience for the customers.

CRM Report:

Customer relationship management (CRM) report is a unique report. This report carries information about customers and their sales. This report has certain parameters that help in getting the desired information. 

Based on customers, salesmen, and different styles of reporting like item wise and bill wise are some parameters that filter the data and create a precise report that you need.

Bill & Item Wise Report:

Bill and item-wise sales reports carry information about sales on bills. This report is based on how many customers buy from the shop, the report carries information about their bills. It also carries information about the number of items sold.

 Another segregation in the report generation is item-wise sales, which shows sales based on items in the shop. Furthermore, it can also filter the data based on the salesman.

Salesman Summary Report:

Salesman summary report carries information about the sales summary based on the salesman. It shows data of every salesman and how much quantity he/she sells and the net amount of sales. 

Shift Wise Sale Report:

Shift-wise sales report carries sales summary based on the shifts. If a store operates 24, 18, or 12 hours a day they may use 2 or more shifts. This report segregates the sales data into different shifts that provide insight into sales progress. 

Counter Wise Sale Report:

Counter wise sales report carries information about the sales summary based on counters. Large-sized stores or marts have multiple counters. To check the progress of each counter this report segregates the data into the numbers of counters. 

Counters with lesser sales can be removed to save some resources and counters with more sales will be enhanced with more resources.

Brand Wise Sales Report:

Retailers incorporate multiple brands to increase their sales. To keep a record of higher sales brands retailers need to have an eye on their sales data. Brand wise sales report filters the sales data into brand-wise sales that show which brand has the most sales and which brand has the least. 

This report provides an insight into different brand performances and preferences. Retailers can increase the products of brands that perform well and decrease those that are not performing well.

Hand Over Report:

Hand over report contains information regarding a certain salesman’s opening cash. It displays the opening cash balance, which has been modified to reflect the day’s transactions. In addition, the opening cash amount is entered through the cash opening screen which you can enable from using the day close process parameter from setups, and an entry is created in the cash handover section. Without enabling the day close parameter  handover sales section does not operate

Z Report:

Z report is the ultimate sales summary report that shows total sales, discounts provided, tax collected, opening cash, cash in hand, variation in cash, item wise sales amount, mode of payments that include cash, credit, and card. All of this information is on the Z report. It gives a general overview of the company covering sales.

Credit Card Report:

The credit card report shows the transactions through the card. It shows the amount that is received by the bank. This report helps in the reconciliation of sales reports and bank statements. 

Moreover, this report can be further segregated to banks, which shows the sales on cards through the specific banks so that retailers know which bank’s card is used most.

Price Change History Report:

This report carries the information of recent and past changes in the prices. The report offers different segregations that are based on items, categories, and brands. 

The report shows the purchase price, previous selling price, and new selling price. 

CISePOS is the ultimate solution for your sales management;

CISePOS is the best POS software in Pakistan that offers various solutions to retail businesses across Pakistan. Our sales reports include various reports that help you attain insight into your business. 

Over time CIS tries to bring more features and updates into the software to make it more useful for retailers.

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