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Choosing The Right POS Software That Fits Your Needs the Best

Ever since the world’s businesses are moving towards more technology, the use of Point Of Sale software has increased more than ever. There is hardly any business left in a good industry that doesn’t have a POS system. In the current times, POS software have become the key for any business to succeed and grow its sales and profits. However, choosing the right POS software for your business can be a difficult task. However, it is one of the most important decisions for your business. 

Each POS integration can be different. The marketing strategies that a large scale business uses with its point of sale system can be different to the ones a small grocery store uses. It doesn’t mean a profitable business is always right. It depends on the environment a business deals in. Some businesses may customize the right POS software for them with an Accounting Module, while some other businesses may not need it at all. 

This guide is to help you choose between those options. To understand which package will suit your right!

Why CISePOS Is the Right POS Software for You?

Before we get into the details of what CISePOS offers you, it is important to establish first why the right POS software is CISePOS in the first place. 

CISePOS was created by CIS Software House, providing digital solutions to clients all around the world since 1988. Currently, there are thousands of clients of CISePOS that are growing rapidly every day. This is only possible because CIS takes care of their clients by providing them quality assurance in their product, being open to feedback, and creating affordable solutions.

Only after dealing with hundreds of customers have we been able to create the perfect POS system that is the right POS software solution for every business, as it tackles all problems and aspects of any business. Currently, we stand to be the best POS software available in the market!

We provide the cheapest POS software that doesn’t compromise on quality. If you research through other famous POS providers, you’ll understand how our packages comprise of the most affordable packages. CISePOS basic package starts from nothing more than 1500/month, while other popular POS software (Oscar, Websol, TechnoSys) have charge more than 3000/month for the most basic packages. Not only that, our basic package consists of more features than any other basic POS software provider. 

How CISePOS Is the best POS System?

CISePOS software are divided into three modules, each of which can be implemented as per your business needs. The packages are:

Basic Package (Sales Module)

Standard Package (Sales + Inventory Module)

Premium Package (Sales + Inventory + Accounting Module)

The implementation availabilities are:

Desktop POS Version

Cloud Web Based POS Version

Click here to view our pricing list and know the features you get with each package and choose the right POS software for you.

Basic Package – Sales Module 

The Basic Package of CISePOS offers you the perfect all rounding sales module that gives you full control of your business’ sales. This offers you a dashboard for sales checking out, providing additional helpful features such as customer profiling, receipts, carting orders, KOTs, and much more! 

Decision making for store owners is also aided by report generation. This Module generates multiple reports with data and analytics that help you understand the position and performance of your business. These reports include CRM Reports, Daily/Monthly/Yearly Sales Reports, Credit Card Report etc. 

Additional to this, any other help that is required is fulfilled by our 24/7 available POS provider customer support. You can contact us for any feedback, help, complaints, etc. 

Additionally, your POS software is also updated regularly with free updates. This makes sure the right POS software you choose always stays up to date.

Standard Package – Sales + Inventory Module

The Standard Package includes all the above-mentioned aspects and also an Inventory Module. This is important for businesses that deal with large amounts of inventory on a regular basis. With an Inventory Module, your cloud based POS software provides you full control over inventory management, keeping count of physical stock, generating Stock in Hand Reports, creating Purchase Orders and GRNs, and much more! 

Never again will you be overstocked wasting your storage resources. Nor will you ever be out of stock losing potential sales.

Premium Package – Sales + Inventory + Accounting Module

The right POS software for your large succeeding business is only one that includes an Accounting Module. Without proper accounting, no store owner can make good decision making and can know how and where money in the business is being used. Fortunately, with CISePOS, you can manage your business’ accounts completely, much like a mini ERP system. This includes Ledgers, Vouchers, Trial Balance, Financial Statements, and much more!

Keep an eye on each penny that enters and exits your business, thoroughly!

Note: Pricing of packages is as follows:

Basic: 1500/month

Standard: 3000/month

Premium: 5000/month

Receive bigger discounts on these prices on yearly payments. 

choosing the right pos softwarea

Desktop POS Software

Each of these packages can either be installed physically as a desktop POS or online with a personalized URL as a web based POS. 

With the desktop version, your business is ensured complete privacy as your data never enters on any server or the internet. There is no reliance on internet availability as well, which means your business can run smoothly in any environment.

Additionally, being offline, the speed of any inputs and outputs of the POS software is extremely fast causing no delays.

Any updates are installed physically by our customer service efficiently. 

And lastly, the desktop POS software is available on one time payments, meaning you own the software and don’t need to keep paying for the right package timely.

Cloud Web Based POS Software

The other option is cloud web based POS software. This means the right POS software that you choose is on the internet and can be accessed by you anywhere, anytime. 

Your business operations aren’t entirely dependent on the internet, as even if there is no internet access, all the data that is maintained offline syncs to the server automatically once you get back internet access.

Cloud POS means you get your own personalized URL which is secured by passwords and login details of your choice.

Additionally, any updates to the software are added remotely without any interruptions in your business.

Being online means you can make use of useful POS integrations, such as FBR Integration and/or WooCommerce Integration.

Moreover, by managing your business on the cloud, you can connect all branches to the same POS software. This makes you have your eye on everything with real-time tracking features in CISePOS.

And lastly, staying on a web based POS ensures your data is never lost and can be accessed, providing security from any accidents or potential loss of data. 

These are the main outliners of the options CISePOS provides to create the right POS software fit for your business. For more information, contact us or apply for a free POS demo right now!