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What Is CISePOS Referral Program? And How Can You Benefit From It?

CISePOS always prefers giving back to our customers in any form we can. With our desire to provide value to our customers CISePOS has offered its Referral program. The referral program is designed to help users get a free month of POS subscription if the user refers to anyone with CISePOS integration. In case the user integrates its business with CISePOS, the referrer will get a free month. 

Here we will try to break down for you what is CISePOS referral program and how you can benefit from it. 

Benefits Of CISePOS Referral Program:

The biggest benefit of the CISePOS referral program is a month of free POS service. The free service period can be prolonged based on the referral you bring to the business. Moreover, the CISePOS referral program will give the opportunity to all retailers to be the CISePOS ambassador and promote the product for better sales efficiency 

Get more people on board and get free POS services and enjoy effective POS operations. 

How You Can Get Benefit From CISePOS Referral Program?

CISePOS referral program is very easy and simple. Refer any of your friends, or family members with CISePOS and get a free month. To get the free month we send all our customers a referral code that can be used by the person to let us know the person is referred by you.