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What Makes CISePOS The Best POS Software System Available

Managing a business in this age without a good POS software system is almost impossible. Even if you choose to do so, it can cause many problems to your business and is certain to leave you uncompetitive in the market, which is a huge risk to take. Thankfully, there are many good POS software systems available out there now that any businessperson can choose from. Equipping a POS software system can ensure better management and customer satisfaction for your business. But you may wonder which POS software out there is truly the best POS Software System? 

Every businessperson wants the best for their business so it wouldn’t be a surprise when they also ask to be equipped with the best POS software system. Keeping in mind, the best POS software doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one. This is what CISePOS keeps in mind when creating useful software for operators. To be the best AND affordable. Only if a good POS software system has both the qualities can it be named as the best POS software system available out there. 

CIS is proudly providing thousands of domestic and international customers excellent services since 1988. Here are some of the reasons why customers share the opinion that CISePOS is the best POS software system available.

Free POS Online Demo to Get You Started With the Best POS Software System

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CISePOS is the only point of sale software that is available for a demo package to be instantly used right away from their website. All other POS require registration forms just to apply for a demo. The application process takes around a week after which the customer is provided with only a POS demo online. CISePOS makes its policies as easy as possible for the customers, such that a customer wanting to register for a Premium Plan can get it with a free training POS demo in less than an hour. This includes an option to have an online POS demo or an offline POS demo for which our staff can come right to your doorstep.

Any business person who wants to try CISePOS Software can go on the Free Trial link. You can register here and be redirected to the POS system trial dashboard in just a matter of seconds. We do this to ensure no potential customer’s time is wasted under our service. Especially for businesspersons, time is of the essence. The best POS software system should make sure to service their clients in the best way possible.

Just looking at the dashboard, you’ll notice how easy and simple it looks. That doesn’t mean it isn’t full of features, though. We keep it simple in order to not confuse the customers and provide a user-friendly POS.

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    CISePOS Dashboard vs, other POS Dashboards

One of the Cheapest Yet Best POS Software System Available

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The biggest obstacle behind good POS software is its pricing. Many POS companies still follow the strategy that if their product is good, they should price it high. This makes it difficult for business persons to equip reliable POS software for their shops. However, CISePOS solves this problem by providing cloud based POS software for extremely affordable and reasonable pricing

Apart from the Free Demo Trial for 14 days, CISePOS helps retail and restaurant business operators with freedom of choice by providing 3 cheap packages for their needs. 

The Basic Package costs only 1500 PKR Per month, which provides a complete sales setup for a starter retail/restaurant operator. Features include personalised URL to access the dashboard, working offline in case of internet issues which syncs to the cloud as soon as your computer gets back internet access, basic reporting such as CRM report, numerous sales reports, credit card reports etc. to aid with decision making, unlimited inventory option, free updates, and more.

The second package is the Standard Package, starting at only 3,000 PKR per month. This includes many additional features to the basic package, including multiple users option, purchase orders and GRN, stock in hand report, complete inventory system, and much more!

The Premium Package gives customers all the freedom of retailing/restaurant operating, plus extremely useful management features that even the best POS software systems out there don’t have. This provides the customer control over Sales + Inventory + Accounts. This is what our biggest branded customers use all over the world as the additional accounting module. It takes care of all the business’s management needs for the largest businesses out there.

Compared to other so-called “Best POS providers”, you’ll find CISePOS offers the cheapest packages. In general, other POS providers almost never provide a Free Trial ignoring the needs of a potential customer. The basic packages of such POS software companies start from packages costing up to 3,000 PKR, while premium packages can go as high as 16,000+ PKR, per month, like with one of the popular POS providing company, OscarPOS.

Moreover, additional free months are provided to CISePOS customers who choose yearly packages, easing the financial burden even more! Having cheap prices is the reason why you will only find CISePOS to show all pricing details on the website, without feeling any need to hide it.

CISePOS’s Premium Package vs. Expensive ERPs

Most businesses that need accounting modules have to opt for an ERP that costs many times more than a POS software. An ERP does feature many useful management aspects. However, CIS recognized that even advanced accounting procedures can be managed with just a POS software that doesn’t come with a huge price tag. 

The premium package of CISePOS includes a built-in Accounting Module that takes care of all accounting needs for a retailer or restaurant business. The Accounting Module doesn’t require to be integrated with Quickbook as well. Quickbook integration complicates the use for the majority of customers who may not be as technically sound. This adds to the tag of CISePOS to be the best POS software system out there which can even produce ledgers, trial balances, financial statements, and more!

Many Features and Integrations That Come With the CIS POS Software System Found Nowhere Else

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While CISePOS is proud to be the most featureful and cheapest POS software system, we believe in customer satisfaction and loyalty, as any good POS software provider should. Additional to the above-mentioned aspects where CISePOS wins against all other POS softwares, the best POS software system still has many other aspects to offer to customers. 

Recognising the need for privacy and various environments businesses deal in, CIS offers the cloud-based Point Of Sale software with an offline option. Unlike other POS providers, like Technosys POS which only has the offline option, we provide customers with the option to choose the right POS system for them. This is installed into the customer’s computer which can be operated offline forever now! Any updates that arrive at the software are informed about, sent, and guided to the customer.

WooCommerce and FBR Integration to manage the business’ external matters smoothly. WooCommerce helps the business create and maintain their website, reaching out to numerous potential customers. Creating a website and its proper maintenance is costly and time-consuming. Additionally, creating the right type of website which actually attracts customers and gives you full control can be a challenging task. With WooCommerce Integration, the business doesn’t need to worry about any coding or modules. Businesspersons can easily manage and control their website, and any transactions made on the website are automatically linked to your CISePOS software

On the other hand, FBR Integration helps the business to not worry about any taxation difficulties. Calculation of taxes relating to your business and all the information you need about FBR and taxes is available right through your web-based POS software

In conclusion, to maintain customer satisfaction, CIS provides free 24/7 customer support for all customers. No matter what package they have or if they’re even registered. This ensures customers can be informed with expert advice at the same time using the best POS software system available. 

Choose the best. Choose CISePOS. The Best POS Software System.