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What’s new in CISePOS? – Rider Efficiency Report

Many restaurants that offer delivery services often have problems managing their riders. Having multiple riders can ease delivery processing but make it harder to track their work. 

This month, we released the perfect solution to this: Rider Efficiency Report. 

Rider Efficiency Report shows all delivery orders categorized by the riders they were delivered through, respectively. This helps you know what works your riders did at the end of the day, week, or month. The orders information can also ease up the process of calculating commissions for each rider.

Quick Demo for using Rider Efficiency Report

Assigning Drivers to Delivery Orders 

Once you take an order and assign KOT to send the delivery order restaurant to the kitchen, head over to Orders.

rider orders

Here, you’ll be details of all orders. Any and all delivery orders will have an Add Rider option beside them. Click on that to assign a Rider.

riders pos

Once done, your delivery orders will show the rider’s name beside them, respectively.

rider orders

Completing a Delivery Sale

After assigning riders, complete your orders the same way in which you’ve done before.

This would include:

Completing orders from the Kitchen Side: KDS> Order Done.

restaurant orders

Recalling Orders to check them out: Recall

recalling orders
Processing Payment: $Pay

rider payment

Generating Rider Efficiency Report

At the end of the day, to generate the Rider Efficiency Report, head over to Sales Reports > Rider Efficiency Report.

rider efficiency report

Now select the time frame for which you want to generate the report.

Then select the rider you want the report of. If you don’t select any driver, the report will show 

data for all riders.

rider efficiency report

The report will show all the details of the orders delivered by the rider(s).

Total amounts can be used to calculate commissions to the riders.

You can also print the report(s), or download them to your PC in your preferred format.

rider efficiency report

Performance Improvements to CISePOS

Our team keeps working hard to improve your user experience of using our product. This month, we’ve polished our product even more.

With the help of your feedback, our skilled team tailors our product to be even more useful and better than ever. This ensures your CISePOS usage remains smooth and our product retains the world-class image it has.

The software updates happen remotely and are integrated into your Cloud POS automatically.