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What’s new in CISePOS this week? – GST Invoices and More!

Every good business that is situated in Pakistan needs good verification for Taxation on its operations. As taxation has an effect on almost all transactions that take place in a business, it is important for managers to know and understand how GST affects each transaction.

The previous way to know this was to generate a hefty Sales Tax Report which shows this effect.

With the recent update, CISePOS has made it easier than ever to understand Sales Tax charges. 

With the option of printing Invoices with GST, businesses can now ease their B2B (Business 2 Business) relationships and manage purchase financing better.

When selling to businesses, an Invoice with GST clearly shows a better understanding of how much the material actually costs and what GST is charged on it. This invoice can be used for authorized documentation for every type of business.

The Invoice with GST shows what amounts of tax is charged on each product mentioned in the order. This helps with better financial decision making and makes the document more understandable for businesses.

How To Enable Invoice with GST Option

To enable this option, you need to head over to the Setup menu on your Cloud POS software.

invoice with gst

On the Setup screen, head over to Sales Setup.

On the drown down menu of Receipt Format, click on Invoice with GST.

invoice with gst

Now each order receipt will be printed in the following format (A4 size page):

invoice with gst

View Stock Before Creating Purchase Orders

To further ease the creation of Purchase Orders, CISePOS now adds the option for businesses to view the stock of the item when adding it to a purchase order.

As inventory management is one of the most important tasks of a business, it is important to do it correctly. A purchase order should only be made for an optimal amount of stock. No business would want to risk creating shortages by ordering less or risk wasting stock by ordering more than the optimal amount.

To ensure the optimal amount is ordered, when creating purchase orders, click on the option of View Stock. 

purchase order stock management

This shows the amount of stock you already have stored in the business for that specific product. 

This can be done for each item you add and is enabled automatically to each Cloud POS.

Performance Improvements to CISePOS

Our team keeps working hard to improve your user experience of using our product. This week, we’ve polished our product even more to new lengths!

With the help of your feedback, our skilled team tailors our product to be even more useful and better than ever. This ensures your CISePOS usage remains smooth and our product retains the world-class image it has.

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