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What’s new in CISePOS? – User Discount Limits and Bulk Discounts

Each week, CISePOS brings you an exciting update to better the current CISePOS software. Our main goal at CIS Software House is complete customer satisfaction and this is only possible with valuable feedback from our clients in the CIS Family.

This week, we enhanced our POS software for better ease by enabling you to assign discounts to different users of the POS and help you assign bulk discounts easily.

Assign Discount Limits To Different POS Users

Even small businesses nowadays have at least 2 different users running the POS of a software. These users may have different authority over decision making in the store.

A large business may have numerous users operating the POS at a single time. While the POS does have options for numerous users to control the POS, it is important to have control over each user.

With the new update, managers can easily assign discount limits to each user, providing them with a limit of how much discount they can allow when they’re running the sales counter.

To learn about the Bulk Discount Policy, scroll below the quick demo.

Quick Demo: Assigning Discount Limits To Users

To assign a discount limit to a user, head on to the Users screen from the menu.discount limit pos

From here, click on the Edit option beside the user you want to assign the discount limit to.

If you’re adding a new user, click on Add New User. The same screen will pop up on both options. 

editing pos users discount limitFrom the Edit/Add screen, you will see a new option of Maximum Discount allowed in %.

In the bar below, type the percentage of discount limit you want to allow to the user. 

maximum discount limit users


After that, click Update.

Now that specific user can never assign a discount more than the percentage you allowed them to. If the user does enter a discount percentage more than the limit, the POS cart won’t allow it and assign no discount to the sale. 

Allot Promotional Bulk Discounts Easier Than Ever! 

Every store needs a good promotion every once in a while to attract customers, however, a successful promotion needs to be well organized and easy to set up.

This is why CISePOS makes it easier than ever to provide Bulk Discounts on items using an Excel Sheet.

Before the update, managers could only assign a single discount amount or percentage to all/various products.

Now, we enabled store managers to assign different percentages of discounts to different items.

If you have a large number of items in your store and you don’t want all of them to share the same discount amount, a Bulk Discount Policy is your way to go!

Quick Demo: Allotting Bulk Discounts 

To create a promotion that allows different discounts on different products, head on to the Promotions screen from the menu.

bulk discount policy promotion

On the Promotions screen, click on Add New Promotion.

creating pos promotions

From here, enter the details of the promotion like Promotion Name, Promo Code, etc.

Enter priority in the Priority option.

In the Discount Type drop-down menu, click on Bulk Discount Policy.

bulk discount policy

A new option of uploading an Excel Sheet will arrive beside you.

adding discounts to items pos


Now you need to create an Excel sheet. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for this.

Creating a Bulk Discount Sheet

Open up a new Excel Sheet.

excel sheet


You will only use two columns here.

Column A will have the item’s bar code. Column B will have the item’s discount percentage.

To view your items bar codes, visit List Items from the menu or Export Items on an Excel Sheet.

item list pos

Create a sheet like the one shown below.

bulk discount policy

Note: If an item’s bar code is 0001 and you type in 0001 in the spreadsheet cell it will automatically convert to 1, ignoring the zeros. 

To prevent this from causing errors, type ‘0001. Adding an inverted comma/apostrophe before the code will force the cell to show 0001.

As you see above, column A fills bar codes for items and column B fills discounts for those items. A 0 as the discount percentage means no discounts.

Note: Do not add the percentage sign % in the discount column e.g. 10%. Just add the percentage amount e.g. 10.

Now save the excel sheet in .xlsx format. The sheet is now ready to be uploaded to CISePOS.

Uploading Bulk Discount Policy Sheet To CISePOS

To upload the sheet, click on Choose File from the Promotion Excel File option.

bulk discount promotion pos

Browse and select the Bulk Discount Policy you just created.

Now press Add.

creating bulk discount policy

That’s all! Now the discounts you allotted will be designated to the items whenever a customer enters the promo code!