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What’s new this week? – CIS Social Media Marketing

CIS Social Media Marketing helps your business reach a boost in sales, profitability, and brand growth! This generally focuses on creating an attractive internet presence for your brand. The online presence will be backed by regular updates on many internet platforms which attracts more and more customers to your business and ensures a big boost in sales.

Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media Marketing?

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Even the smallest starting restaurants now face customers ordering online rather than physically. This proves the world is shifting towards the Internet and you shouldn’t waste this opportunity.

Social Media Marketing is the newest and most productive way of marketing in businesses. With almost everyone using at least a couple of social media platforms every day, your target market and potential customers can be targeted better and more easily.

The previous way of marketing was SMS, Email and Calls. All these types of marketing are old and outdated now. 

Customers tend to ignore SMS and Emails, producing a very low return to the business, while calls may even produce demarketing for the product as it is found to be an annoying way to approach a target customer. 

The better alternative stands Social Media Marketing. Through this means, your brand can be advertised on the favourite social media platforms your potential customers use e.g. Facebook. This provides a better and more user-friendly platform for customers to be approached at, ensuring more clicks on your ads and better lead generation for more sales.

Additionally, the use of Social Media enables you to maximize your brand reach! This will help your brand image grow to more lengths.

Furthermore, any responses from customers and leads can be interacted with first hand using online platforms. This ensures quick responses and minimizes the risk of losing customers.

CIS Social Media Marketing takes complete responsibility for making your business grow on the internet. This is done by skilled professionals in our team, making you feel secure knowing your marketing budget is spent in the most productive way.

While our team supervises your business on the internet, you can focus better with more time on the on-site management issues of your business. 

Together, being part of the CIS Family, we can create a leading brand!

What CIS Social Media Marketing Offers?

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CIS Social Media Marketing Service is created with care and perfection just like our other products. This means thorough market research to recognize the issues of local businesses and create a productive solution for them at an affordable rate.

CIS Social Media Marketing is subscribed to on monthly rates which help businesses afford the services more easily. The service is categorized into three packages, each of which fit various business needs.

Overall what CIS Social Media Marketing Offers is as follows:

  • Building An Attractive Online Presence
  • Creating Online Pages (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Optimizing the Page with regular posts to grab customer attention
  • Informing existing customers of offers and new deals the brand provides
  • Creating persuasive Ads on such pages and optimizing them to the business’s target market
  • Running Google Ads 
  • Officiating a LinkedIn Profile for the brand
  • Customer Support
  • Online chats with customers to resolve queries

All Social Media Marketing services at affordable rates. These services are categorized into three reasonable packages: This offers ease of accessibility to the CIS Social Media Marketing service for every business.

Open the attached brochure for more information on CIS Social Media Marketing or call us now on (Contact).


Thank you for being a valuable part of the CIS Family.