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What’s new this week? – Export Item/Customer Data and more!

CISePOS brings you weekly updates to the software to polish the POS for a smoother experience for you.

This week, CISePOS features important updates relating to data stored in the POS and transferring such data out for use on different platforms/devices. This makes sharing the store’s information among different users easier than ever! 

All new options for further ease of use and accessibility: Export Items Data, Export Customer Data, Transfer Out Source Branch

Export Items Data

Items Data refers to all the items a store deals with and has stored in their POS. This usually is their inventory that they sell out, or use to manufacture items. 

The Items Data is extremely useful for stores as it contains all details of each item, from its respective barcode to its selling price. 

Previously, CISePOS eased creating a store’s item list by easily integrating an Excel/Google sheet to the POS software

This time, after realizing that our customers need this data in a shareable format, CISePOS brings ease in exporting your Items database to an Excel/Google sheet. This enables users to easily share the file or better analyze their items.

Quick Demo

To Export Items Data, head on to List Items in your POS. 

list items pos

From here on, you’ll see the option of Export Items Data in blue, beside Import Page on the

right side of your screen. Click on Export Items Data.

export item data

Now choose the location where you want to save this list on your PC and press Save

saving item data

Open the Excel Sheet to view all your Items. 

item data sheet

This list can be used to add more items or create changes. You’ll need to import this Excel Sheet into the POS for it to take effect. 

Export Customer Data

Similar to Items Data, a store’s customer data stored in the POS can also be exported into a shareable/editable file format now.

Customer Profiling is an important feature of CISePOS. It helps a store analyze, build, and manage its relationships with its customers better. Additionally, this feature is also commonly used in profitable schemes such as Loyalty Programs.

As Customer Data is extremely important for a business, CISePOS enables businesses to now export all customers’ data in an Excel/Google Sheet. 

Quick Demo

To Export Customer Data, head on to List Customers.

list customers

Upon redirection to the List Customers page, you’ll see the option of Export Data Customer in blue on the right. Click on Export Data Customer.

export customer data

Now choose the location you want to store the data file in on your PC. Click Save.

save customer data

Now Open the file to view all your customers’ details in the spreadsheet format.

customer data sheet

Transfer Out Source Branch

If you’re a business subscribed to the Inventory Module of CISePOS, you must be aware of how frequent Transfer In/Out between branches are, and how important its reporting is.

Previously, in CISePOS, you could easily see the list of all Transfer Outs created and open their Branch Issue Notes to view all the details relating to a Transfer Out.

This week, we’ve created the Branch Issue Note to be more detailed for users with more in-depth information.

Now, each Branch Issue Note also shows you the Source Branch of the Transfer Out, just above its Destination Branch.

Quick Demo

To view this option, go to Transfer Out.

stock transfer out

From the Transfer Out list, choose a single Transfer Out and click on View. This will show you the Transfer’s Branch Issue Note.

transfer out

On the top right side, you will see the details of branches affected by the Transfer Out: the Source Branch and the Destination Branch.

transfer out document

Performance Improvements to CISePOS

Our team keeps working hard to improve your user experience of using our product. This week, we’ve polished our product even more to new lengths!

With the help of your feedback, our skilled team tailors our product to be even more useful and better than ever. This ensures your CISePOS usage remains smooth and our product retains the world-class image it has.

The software updates happen remotely and are integrated into your Cloud POS automatically. Weekly newsletters will be sent to you to acknowledge any and all updates to the POS Software

Thank you for subscribing to CISePOS.