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WooCommerce Integration into POS

There has been a massive rise in E-commerce in the previous decade across the globe. This was further magnified over the past year owing to large-scale and prolonged lockdowns amidst Covid-19. Established businesses switched to E-Commerce platforms to expand their online revenue stores given the closure of their brick and mortar stores. Similarly, new and smaller businesses saw this phase as an opportunity to set up online stores offering different products and services to facilitate customers. This also scaled the growth of plug-ins like the WooCommerce POS integration offered by WordPress.

Despite the penetration of E-commerce into every business segment, setting up your own E-commerce store seems like a daunting task for many individuals. Whether it is the construction of an online platform, inventory management, or the payment medium, business owners have many questions when it comes to setting up their E-commerce platform.

In order to facilitate such an audience, WordPress launched an open-source plug-in that catered to WooCommerce POS. WooCommerce is a customizable E-commerce website that can be tailored to your business in a few mouse clicks. The WooCommerce POS integration allows your business to establish a secure payment medium, customizable shipping options, and other features to facilitate your online store free of cost.

It grants you significant mobility since you can operate your store from anywhere in the world using the WooCommerce mobile application. Now you can be stress-free and track sales or inventory just by opening this application.

If you are a developer working for a client, then WooCommerce is the best tool for you as well. It is very developer-friendly and offers a lot of expansion or customization options. This platform improves on its E-commerce solutions by providing you with access to a global community that can be very helpful when launching your business’s online store.

Whether you are a business owner or a developer, WooCommerce has multiple benefits to offer to everyone. These include:

  1. Unlike other similar plug-ins or software, WooCommerce is completely free. There are no hidden charges or in-app purchases for this open-source plug-in.
  2. There is a massive collection of free themes, varying from free to paid, that you can keep trying until you find the one that works for you. The paid themes can cost as much as $100.
  3. Filled with features including but not limited to extensive customization, blogging section, easy to set up product categories, ability to sort or filter products, and customization as per the geographical location for example currency.
  4. WooCommerce offers you 100% ownership of your store without having to rely on any third-party service provider.
  5. This E-commerce plug-in offers you and your customers immense security by pairing up with companies like Sucuri.net.
  6. The WordPress POS system offers multiple extensions in the form of payments, analytics, shipping, marketing, and accounting. There is an option to even choose from third-party extensions, which can be free or paid based on which one you choose.
  7. WooCommerce itself is well-structured as per the Google SEO guidelines. It also makes it easy for you to use SEO for the online store of your business.
  8. There are built-in analytics to help you evaluate if your sales and marketing efforts are actually getting the required results. There are graphical representations, customer information along with elements like the most sold product to make it easy for you to understand.
  9. Very smooth up-selling and cross-selling processes
  10. Very affordable and flexible in terms of edits to your online store

The benefits of WooCommerce are further magnified with its integration with CISePOS. The aim of this integration is to provide a smooth E-commerce experience for your business across multiple platforms.

The pairing of CISePOS and WooCommerce allows you to manage and monitor every aspect of your business from the screen of your computer. Whether it is your physical retail outlets, your online store constructed using WooCommerce, or your social media handles, it can be accessed easily.

You can conduct effective CRM, manage your product inventory, and track orders with  the integration of CISePOS and WooCommerce.

The use of the CISePOS platform for your business will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You can streamline business operations, evaluate customer data and monitor sales very easily since CISePOS allows for the smooth operation of your business online and offline.
  2. The management of your inventory and order processing becomes an easy process that allows you to save immensely on time and cost rather than if the same were done manually. This also translates into faster deliveries and problem-free processing of customer orders.
  3. The streamlining of processes allows the level of productivity to rise for your business and makes it easier to manage the multiple channels of sales.
  4. A skilled team is present round the clock to assist you with queries and troubleshooting for your cloud-based E-commerce platform management.
  5. The combination of WooCommerce and CISePOS offers you unparalleled security for your online store. Whether it is the payment processing or protection of customer data, its security is guaranteed for your business. This also keeps your business platforms safe from any malware or virus attacks.

E-commerce is the rising channel for generating sales for almost every business now. The ongoing pandemic forced businesses previously not sold on establishing online stores to start them in order to generate some revenue amidst the lockdown.

This coupled with large-scale global unemployment also caused multiple individuals to move towards starting their own businesses online (low level of capital investment).

These two trends are proof of the need for an easy-to-use and affordable tool that helps construct and manage businesses online and offline, irrespective of the business owner’s location.

This is exactly what is offered by the integration of CISePOS and WooCommerce. It provides massive features, a high level of security, affordability, and a very friendly user interface that makes it usable even by individuals who lack experience in this domain.

Therefore, if you are looking for the go-to tool for establishing your online store, then this is your best option.