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Connect CISePOS With Your Woocommerce Store with Our Add-On

Woocommerce + CISePOS Cloud

Connect CISePOS to WooCommerce with a plugin

Do you have a WooCommerce online store and use CISePOS for your physical store? It’s important that your product data will be in sync with both systems. Therefore a connection between WooCommerce and CISePOS can’t miss!


Import products from CISePOS to WooCommerce

The CISePOS WooCommerce plugin allows you to execute the following actions:

  • Import products, from CISePOS to WooCommerce
  • Synchronize inventory automatically, inventory is updated automatically in both ways
  • Order synchronization, order data is being synced both ways

Stock amount is automatically synced both ways

Make sure the stock amount of your products is up-to-date in both your online shop and your physical shop. The stock amount is updated real time and automatically between WooCommerce and CISePOS in four situations:

  • When an order (receipt) is recorded in CISePOS
  • When an order is placed in WooCommerce
  • When the stock amount is (manually) updated in CISePOS
  • When the stock amount is (manually) updated in WooCommerce

Main CISePOS plugin functionalities

  • Import all products from CISePOS to WooCommerce automatically
  • Synchronize order data from CISePOS to WooCommerce and the other way around
  • Synchronize inventory in real time

Why use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most used and well known e-commerce platform worldwide, with almost 1 million unique users. Thanks to WooCommerce it’s easy to set up and design your own e-commerce website and connect it to CISePOS to keep your online store in sync with your physical store.